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I started the country in summer 2009 after I saw a group of dancers in the street for a demonstration.
I loved the music and the dance so I wanted to try.

A year later I created the Western Renegades with 5 friends then quickly 5 other friends join us, we are 6 nowdays.

We participated in our first competition in the Kansas bar (Spain) in 2011 with MAVERICK, a dance written by Anne, my wife and I (4th place): VIDEO

Then I began to write dances regularly since 2012 like All My Mates for the first show of the French team in Voghera: VIDEO

I became a teacher in 2012 with the Bandits, my country dance school.

With the Western Renegades we did many competitions for fun and sometimes we had the chance to reach some nice positions (3rd in Belt Festival 2012 (Italy), 3rd place in Voghera (Italy), 2nd in Cavaillon in 2013 (France) 1 to Belt Festival 2013 (Italy), 2nd at WEF 2014 (Hungary), 1st Belt Festival 2014 (Italy), 1st Challenge Ventabren (France) ...

I teach my dances in festivals and country parties, in France and in several countries in Europe from 2011 to today.

In 2015 in Voghera Festival (Italy) I was a judge for the contest.

There are so many different emotions through music and dance Country that I will never be  tire to listen, dance or create. This is the passion that I want to share with you.

Prize List

Belt Festival 2012 : 3rd Place (Two More Years)
Belt Festival 2013 : 1st Place (Heartpulse)
Belt Festival 2014 : 1st Place (Lifestream)
Voghera Country Festival 2012 : 3rd Place (All My Mates)

Voghera Country Festival 2017 : 1st Palce (Gotcha)

Voghera Country Festival 2018 : 1st Palce (Wacky)

Cavaillon 2012 : 5th Place (Kerosene Lane)
Cavaillon 2013 : 2nd Place (Level Up)
Ventabren Challenge 2015 : 1st Place (For Better for Worse)

Kansas Contest 2011 : 4th Place (Maverick)

Kansas Contest 2012 : 7th Place (Driftin' By)

El Barn 2012 : 10th Place (Rio Grande)

El Barn 2017: 3rd Place (Heaven On Dirt)

Wild East Fest 2014 : 2nd Place (Raindrop)
Wild East Fest 2015 : 1st Place (Hillbilly Girl)

Wild East Fest 2018 : 6th Place (My Own Luck)

Wild East Fest 2019 : 3rd Place (Beer Goggle)

Muntana Festival 2016 : 4th Place (Oh Lord!)

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